Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Made An EDM Remix While Livestreaming All Because Lee Know Asked Him To

It all started with one of Changbin’s adlibs.

Stray KidsBang Chan is reliable, hardworking, and a great leader. He’ll also do anything for his members. Even create a song using the most unconventional sounds.

Bang Chan’s recent “Chan’s Room” broadcast started normally. Part of the show had him playing Stray Kids’ songs and stating the member singing for clarification. Lee Know had other plans for the livestream, though.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (left) and Lee Know (right) | @realstraykids/Instagram

While listening, fans asked Bang Chan to play Changbin‘s famous kkulchong adlib and quickly became fascinated with it. Though literally translated as “honey gun,” kkulchong is the sound Changbin uses for his SKZOO character Dwaekki, a pig/rabbit hybrid. Here, it means “oinkhop.”

Stray Kids’ Changbin | Stray Kids/YouTube

Fans weren’t the only ones taken with Changbin’s line. Lee Know quickly called Bang Chan to make a special request.

Lee Know wanted Bang Chang to make a kkulchong EDM song, which he could listen to while working out. He was very particular about how it should sound.

Though Bang Chan agreed, he immediately seemed to regret the decision and wondered why Lee Know had been watching “Chan’s Room.”

Still, Bang Chan went to work on the song, being the talented producer he is.

And he took the unserious song pretty seriously.

After playing around with the remix, Bang Chan asked Lee Know for his approval.

The excited younger member then suggested additions to the song and seemed happy with the outcome.

Though when Bang Chan finally called Changbin to let him in on the shenanigans and so he could hear the track, the song’s muse was less than thrilled.

Bang Chan quickly explained how the masterpiece came to be.

But Changbin claimed that Bang Chan wasted his talent on the song.

Finally, Changbin told Bang Chan that he did a good job. Bang Chan, however, gave credit to Lee Know.

The song ended up being a certified banger.

And with the creation, Bang Chan proved what Lee Know wants, Lee Know gets.

Fans can’t help but praise Bang Chan for the effort he puts into anything he does, especially something as seemingly silly as Lee Know’s request.

This song will surely go down in Stayville history.

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