Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Let It Slip That He’s Working On Solo Songs For The Members

An album of solo songs or maybe a special mixtape?

Stray Kids answered questions through popping balloons with MTV News, and they revealed some new information in the process.


When they revealed the places where they felt the most creative, Bang Chan let something special slip. He does a lot of his producing on airplanes because that’s where he’s most creative, and that’s how the song “Miroh” was born.

But, it was what he shared next that was the most interesting of all. He revealed that he recently worked on something for Hyunjin. And, Hyunjin had a thumbs up ready to show his appreciation.

After taking time to choose his next words carefully, Bang Chan revealed that he’s working on something for Changbin as well, to which he agreed.

Before he could say anything else too revealing, he stopped himself with, “Who knows?” and started to mumble before quickly moving on to the next question.

Stray Kids are known to include special mixtape songs on their albums, and the producing team 3RACHA releases their own mixtapes as well. So, there’s no telling how the solo songs will be released.

There could even be a whole album of solo songs in the future. Listen to Bang Chan stop himself from revealing too much here.

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