Stray Kids Reveal The Surprising Places Where They Feel Most Creative

Hyunjin’s favorite place sounds like a lot of people’s nightmare.

In an interview with MTV News, Stray Kids were asked where they feel the most creative, and a couple of the answers might be surprising.

Leader Bang Chan answered first saying that he feels most creative during flights. As international idols, this makes perfect sense. They’re constantly on long flights – a flight from Korea to the U.S. can take more than 12 hours – and Chan uses this time above the clouds to compose some heavenly beats.

Changbin says he gets creative in the shower. The hot water, steam and acoustics are the perfect formula to get the creative juices flowing; Changbin says the water is like a massage for his mind. It’s good to know that Changbin isn’t the only one who washes for 5 minutes and then spends another 30 minutes on a bathroom-wide world tour.

Hyunjin‘s creative space makes sense, but also might be a little terrifying for some people. Searching for the right words to use, Hyunjin says he feels most creative when darkness surrounds him (that’s not scary at all). With some help from Chan, he corrects himself & simply says “in the dark”.

Hyunjin said he likes to make choreography in the dark, which is actually genius; without being distracted by what he can see, Hyunjin’s able to fully visualize the choreography he wants to make while in complete darkness.

Watch the full interview featuring questions out of popping balloons below:

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