Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Looks So Hot While Working Out, Even His Members Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Him

He does look good, though.

In the most recent SKZ CODE episodes, STAYs were treated to a long-awaited gym vlog! Under Stray Kids Changbin‘s leadership, the group members worked out their muscles and learned about their bodies.

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After spending the first episode taking body measurements and demoing exercises, the group got into the nitty gritty of working out! As expected, muscle professional Changbin made for a very impressive image as he gave all members instructions.

Unsurprisingly, Bang Chan also attracted attention for his visuals while working out, with fans showing exactly how much they enjoyed this new content.

Fans were not the only ones who enjoyed seeing Bang Chan this way, as the members couldn’t help but praise him as he completed different workouts.

The video’s editors even commented on Bang Chan’s backside, something that has been a “hot topic” over the last few weeks. Captions gave viewers a “butt warning” as Changbin and Han declared his butt to be”3D.

On top of everything, Changbin and Han couldn’t keep their hands off Bang Chan as he did various exercises. Han felt the need to smack Bang Chan’s butt a few times as he did an arm workout…

…while Changbin was too happy to feel up on his back and sides as he performed deadlifts.

STAYs also enjoyed this totally relatable behavior and shared the content on social media!

You can check out more moments of Bang Chan being buff below.

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Source: Stray Kids YouTube

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