Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Promise To Struggling Fans Is Making Everyone Feel Incredibly Emotional

His words will hit you right in the feels:

With a single promise to help every fan who is struggling, Stray KidsBang Chan has left everyone feeling very emotional.


Stray Kids have always shown they care about taking care of their fans. Not only do they show this in person, but they’ve also done it time and again through their songs. With their music touching on everything from depression to following your own path, Stray Kids have already touched many hearts with their thoughtful and honest lyrics. But they even go beyond their lyrics!


Stray Kids have proven that they’ve still got a whole lot of heart to give to anyone who is struggling. Bang Chan recently held a livestream session and at the end of the stream, he played Coldplay’s “Fix You.”


As the song played, Bang Chan seemed lost in thought for a moment before speaking what was on his mind. He started off by telling STAYs that they could always come and talk to Stray Kids.

You know, whenever any of you guys are having a hard time, feel depressed, or have a lot on your mind, I just want to say it’s okay to come to us. Come to us, to me, to Stray Kids and tell us how you feel.

— Bang Chan


Then he promised they would always be willing to listen to any of their struggles…

Tell us what you’re feeling. Cause, you know, we have ears to listen with. We will listen to you guys and no matter what, we will try to help out with what you’re going through.

— Bang Chan


Before making a promise to help in any way they could.

Because I think that’s one thing that Stray Kids can agree on. We will always try to fix you. So if you guys have anything just come find us. We will help you out. We’ll at least try to help you out!

— Bang Chan


As soon as STAYs heard his heartfelt words, they were immediately overcome with emotions and poured out their own love for Bang Chan and the rest of Stray Kids.


Bang Chan’s touching words prove once again how caring Stray Kids are. Listen to his words around the 4-minute and 18-second mark in the video below, but you might want to grab some tissues first!

Stray Kids