Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Struggle To Do The Gyaru Pose Is Priceless

“Why does he look so concerned? 😭”

Stray KidsChangbin found it easy to slip the viral Gyaru Pose, also known as Gyaru Peace or the Gyaru Peace Sign, into the group’s “MANIAC” stage with a close idol friend. It didn’t quite go as smoothly for another member.

When fans asked Bang Chan to do the Gyaru Pose at one of the group’s fan signings, the hilarious result left fans amused and falling for his soft side.

Bang Chan

As Bang Chan tried to maneuver his hands into the correct positions, fans couldn’t help but notice his facial expression. His look of confused concentration soon became even funnier.

Finally coming close to doing the Gyaru Pose, Bang Chan made STAY laugh harder as they appreciated his dedication and confusion. They gushed over him “trying his best” and looking “so cute.

Fans were even more thankful when considering the lasting effects of his wrist injury. Bang Chan is always willing to do whatever he can to make STAY happy.

Stray Kids