Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Spills About Meeting TXT’s Soobin And ENHYPEN’s Jungwon

He got to chat with them for the first time.

At the 2022 Golden Disc Awards, TXT‘s Soobin, Stray KidsBang Chan, and ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon made fans’ dreams come true. They came together as leaders for a fun interview segment.

Since fans were curious how they got along behind the scenes, Bang Chan shared how much of a pleasure it was to work with his juniors.

Bang Chan

Thinking back on the experience, Bang Chan was quick to say it was “really fun.” He said it gave him a chance he didn’t have before, “It was because of the interview I got to talk with Soobin and Jungwon.

When Bang Chan chatted with Jungwon and Soobin off-camera, he gushed about the younger idols being “really, really nice kids” and feeling “good vibes from them.

With the topic of the interview being role models, Bang Chan reflected on how there’s always something to learn from fellow idols—regardless of them being seniors or juniors.

He pointed out that Soobin and Jungwon could help him grow as an idol. Bang Chan humbly said, “And they’re the leaders of their teams too. So I [thought], ‘I actually have a lot to learn from them.’

Although Jungwon and Soobin may be younger, Bang Chan is ready to take in all that he can from the friendly idols.

Jungwon and Soobin. | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Watch the cute segment between the three leaders that had Bang Chan gushing about them.

Source: Naver Live