Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Wasn’t Ready For TXT Yeonjun’s Height In Person

He was just as amused by their height difference.

Stray Kids appeared on Inkigayo for their “MANIAC” comeback, giving best friends Changbin and new MC TXT‘s Yeonjun the perfect chance to reunite. It also amused viewers by seeing their height difference, which Bang Chan thought was just as humorous.

While holding his Chan’s Room live broadcast, Bang Chan couldn’t help remembering their recent Inkigayo appearance. Though he was aware of their average height being just fine, someone overcame his expectations.

When Bang Chan saw how tall Yeonjun was in person, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Using his hand to demonstrate how tall, Bang Chan said, “If you see the MC, Yeonjun seems like he’s three meters.

Making himself burst into laughter, Bang Chan even joked about how the Stray Kids members could catch up to Yeonjun’s height. He said, “So you should eat more so that we can catch up. And sleep more.

Height wasn’t the only thing about Yeonjun that charmed Bang Chan. He cutely gushed, “Isn’t he really cute? I think he is cute.

Fans aren’t the only ones who Yeonjun has won over. It looks like Bang Chan is the newest Moawajjunie (Yeonjun fan).

Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter
Source: Naver Live
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