Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Duality Is Captured Perfectly In Just Two Images

They were taken moments apart too!

While Stray Kids leader Bang Chan may look a little intimidating with his muscular build and intense stage presence, any fan of the group can tell you that he is a total softie.

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

And with the K-Pop group currently starting to wrap up the end of their nearly year-long MANIAC World Tour, there have been plenty of moments for fans to experience both his intense side and his adorable side on stage.


Recently, a pair of photos taken of Bang Chan during the group’s concert in Melbourne on February 18 has been making the rounds on social media because of the extreme duality between them!


The first photo shows the Stray Kids leader taking a drink, and the angle really shows off his strong, sharp jawline with a more serious expression.

Then the second photo, taken seemingly only moments later, shows Bang Chan in a totally different light with his cheeks puffed out cutely with water and a more endearing expression on his face!

Here’s the tweet that the photos are from.

Comments from STAYs on the tweet show how soft that fans are for Bang Chan’s duality between the photos, and they’re definitely relatable.

It seems that duality comes to Bang Chan naturally without any actual effort on his part!

Stray Kids

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