Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals How His Behavior “Changes” When He’s With BTOB’s Peniel

Peniel was the first person Bang Chan met when he went to his dorm!

Stray KidsBang Chan recently spoke about his heartwarming friendship with BTOB‘s Peniel in a live broadcast!

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan
BTOB’s Peniel

Bang Chan shared that when he became a trainee at JYP Entertainment and went to his dorm for the first time, the first person he met was Peniel! At the time, Peniel also was a JYP Entertainment trainee. Since they met, Peniel has taken great care of Bang Chan.

Stray Kids and BTOB are currently participating in Mnet‘s survival show Kingdom, and Bang Chan shared that he and Peniel are getting more chances to talk to each other. Not only that, but Bang Chan shared that Peniel is taking good care of him.


While Bang Chan is the leader and eldest member of Stray Kids, he shared that he unconsciously starts acting like his younger trainee self when he’s with Peniel!


Peniel always takes Bang Chan’s jokes, and he also makes him laugh a lot!


Bang Chan concluded by thanking Peniel and said that he’s the reason he hasn’t had unnecessary thoughts or concerns lately.


This isn’t the only time Bang Chan has spoken about his friendship with Peniel, as he also shared that they once got into a hilarious debate over food!

Source: Naver Live

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