Stray Kids Celebrated Changbin’s Last Birthday Naked, And Them Denying It Is The Funniest Part

And, they’re always worried about a safe show…

Stray Kids held a special live broadcast for “Baby” Changbin‘s birthday. And, they shared a memory from his last birthday that had them hilariously struggling to cover up what they’d said.

Seungmin shared they’d prepared a special plate of food for Changbin and waited until he headed inside to surprise him. Once he’d gone inside though, Changbin said all the lights had been off and that they had all come in without any clothes on.

They had burst into laughter at being suddenly exposed. So, Changbin had to backtrack and ask what was wrong. After getting the signal from Woojin and Hyunjin, he took it back by saying they had only been partially naked.

Then, Hyunjin went on to say that he’d asked Seungmin to take a video of it. And, this is when he slipped up and said they had indeed been naked. Despite Seungmin giving him the signal to stop what he was saying, he’d caused chaos all over again.

So, Bang Chan clarified that they were only partially naked and settled on the excuse they hadn’t been wearing caps and shoes. He was so satisfied by this excuse that he and Hyunjin shared a high-five to celebrate an end to it.

But, the rest of the group couldn’t keep a straight face. Felix threw his head back and burst into laughter, Hyunjin and I.N lowered their heads to hide their laughing, and Woojin struggled to hold back his laughter with a wide smile.

Listen to what happened on Changbin’s last birthday and laugh along with them as they make up excuses to cover it up at 8:30.

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