Stray Kids’ Changbin Cracks Up Han Mid-Performance With His Love For Brave Girls

Changbin didn’t care who saw him.

Whenever Stray KidsChangbin gets the chance to bust out his dance moves to Brave Girls‘ sleeper hit “Rollin'”, he always serves the iconic stingray dance.

Lee Know and Changbin dancing to “Rollin'”. 

When Changbin used a dance break during one of their performances to show off his Brave Girls moves, Han wasn’t ready to catch a glimpse.

Changbin | @realstraykids/Instagram

During Stray Kids’ KCON performance of “MIROH”, the group was in the final stretch of the song when confetti exploded onto the stage.

Since there was room for some freestyle dancing, Changbin couldn’t go without showing Brave Girls’ “Rollin'” some more love. Upon seeing him, Seungmin cracked a smile but wasn’t the only one who noticed.

| @skzseungmin22/Twitter

Even though Han was on the opposite side of the stage, he saw it all through the chaos. Han immediately stopped dancing to crouch down and burst into laughter. When he got back up, he was still laughing and pointed at Changbin.

| @skzseungmin22/Twitter

Whether they’re performing, practicing, or having fun, STAYs can expect Changbin to bust out his “Rollin'” moves.

Source: Twitter
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