Stray Kids’ Felix Made A Special Treat For The “Kingdom” Participants And It Has Us Soft

He really is too pure!

Stray Kids‘ Felix is known for being one of the sweetest guys in the world and being a great cook. In the past, Felix has shown fans his love of baking from cakes, cookies, and his world-famous brownies. 

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Once again, it seems as if Felix is showing fans just how perfect he is with his generosity.

Felix and the rest of Stray Kids’ recently finished filming for Mnet‘s Kingdom. The group recently did an interview with Newsen, answering questions about the competition.

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In particular, one question was whether there were any backstage stories from filming that nobody knew. While the other spoke about preparing for their performances, Felix revealed that he prepared a special gift for all the participants.

With the final broadcast coming up, I made cookies to give as presents for the senior and junior artists. I wanted to give back in return for all the love I received, so I’ve put in my support and cheer in hopes that everyone does well for the final stage.

— Felix

Before the final, Felix posted images of himself baking the cookies with the messages, “I think it will be delicious,” and “I think there will be more than 200.” Now, it seems as if all the treats made sense, as it would take a lot of cookies to feed so many idols!

After the interview was published, fans of Kingdom and STAYs took to social media to praise Felix for his warmth and love for the other participants.

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