Stray Kids’ Felix Reveals The Misunderstandings Caused By His Stage Persona

He’s the opposite of what people originally think.

When stopping by GQ KOREA‘s studios, Stray KidsFelix opened up about the misunderstandings caused by his stage persona.

Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

In response to a question about misunderstandings, Felix pointed out that others often misunderstood his first impression.

More than once, Felix admitted to hearing the same reactions when initially meeting someone.

‘You look very scary and blunt. You look cold.’ These are what they say often about my first impression.

— Felix

After spending more time with Felix, they all realize that looks are indeed misleading.

Felix shared how their perception completely changes, “They say that I look very cold on the stage, but when we talk comfortably without makeup, I look like a chick or a golden retriever.

Rather than a drawback, Felix viewed it as his “unexpected charm” to show off his soft side and charismatic stage persona.

Whenever he’s performing, Felix never fails to deliver an intense stage presence that leaves viewers impressed.

Offstage, he’s just a cinnamon roll who loves cooking and cuddling up with a puppy.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Watch Felix open up about how first impressions can be completely misleading.

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