Stray Kids’ Felix And NCT DREAM’s Chenle Prove Their Bestie Status With Quirky Food Habits

Felix and Chenle both made some interesting choices…

As Stray KidsFelix sharpens his cooking skills, he loves to share some of his creations with his friend NCT DREAM‘s Chenle, who gushed about how tasty they are.

Enjoying delicious food isn’t the only habit the two friends share. Chenle and Felix have sparked some amusement and confusion with their quirky food habits.


During a Stray Kids live broadcast, the members snacked on some bananas. While the members looked at him in shock, especially maknae I.N, Felix didn’t bother to peel the banana and took a big bite right out of it.

Felix sparked even more questions during a separate live broadcast when he decided to shake the banana.

While Felix had STAYs wondering how to eat a banana, Chenle sparked just as much confusion on the hot topic of how to eat cereal.

Chenle | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

In one of NCT DREAM’s live broadcasts, Chenle decided to have a quick snack from the ingredients in front of them. Not only did Chenle pour his milk before adding the cereal, but he put all of it in a cup so he could drink it.

Between their creative ways to eat food, it makes perfect sense why Felix and Chenle are such good friends.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter