NCT’s Chenle Spills The Tea On How Good Stray Kids Felix’s Cooking Is

He shared the sweet treat that Felix cooked for him.

Ever since Stray Kids graced everyone with the one-of-a-kind track “God’s Menu”, Felix has been showing off his cooking skills onstage and offstage.

While he’s been serving up meals and desserts for his members—with positive feedback—another idol spilled on just how good Felix’s cooking is.

Felix | realstraykids/Instagram

During NCT Dream‘s Chenle‘s radio show Akdong Seoul, he spilled the tea on his friend’s chef skills.

Since NCT and Stray Kids released music around the same time, Chenle revealed that they’d bumped into each other. He said, “We coincidentally ran into one another while doing promotions.

Chenle | TBS eFM 101.3MHz/YouTube

When Chenle asked Felix to meet up with him, Felix didn’t come empty-handed. Chenle said, “I contacted him to chat together, and he brought the brownies he made.

| realstraykids/Instagram

Felix’s brownies turned out to taste just as delicious as they looked. Chenle said, “They were extremely good. I ate five of them.

When his co-host asked if they were the type of dessert that went over the top with its sweetness, Chenle shared that Felix’s brownies were just right. Chenle said, “They were very sweet but not too rich.

Being the sweet guy he is, Felix even gave Chenle some extra brownies to share with the rest of his NCT members. It didn’t turn out that way, though.

They were so good that Chenle told Felix he would share the desserts but ended up eating them all himself.

He said, ‘Take more to share with the members.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ But, I went back and ate them all.

— Chenle

Chenle lived up to calling himself “greedy” by saying, “Good food shouldn’t be shared. It should be for yourself.

Since Felix put his time and care into making those brownies, he would be touched to know how much his friend Chenle enjoyed them.

| realstraykids/Instagram
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