Stray Kids’ Felix Had The Humblest Response To Being Popular Among Girls During High School

The girls did indeed love young Felix.

Because Stray KidsFelix is the member who’s had so many of his pre-debut photos uploaded online, The K-Star Next Door got down to the bottom of how popular the idol was in high school.


MC Jonathan pointed out how many invitations Felix received to prom, “So many girls asked you to be a prom date. You were the prom king?

Though Felix denied being prom king, he’d been asked out by so many girls that he couldn’t keep track.

Jonathan: How many people asked you out?

Felix: I don’t remember.

Lee Know: It’s that many?

Even Changbin chimed in to say that Felix would’ve remembered if he’d been asked less than twice. Changbin explained his thinking, “If it was just one or two, he’d remember. You’d even remember their faces.

Despite how popular Felix seemed, he remained humble and proved why people were so drawn to him. Felix said, “I was very shy. But I always hung out with my friends.

See Felix’s shy reaction to being asked out to prom so many times that he “couldn’t count them.

Stray Kids

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