Stray Kids Finally Release More Clips Of Them In The Gym And STAYs Are Not OK

Fans are screaming to close the gyms yet again.

Stray Kids recently began releasing season 3 of their SKZ-TALKER vlogs with episodes detailing the time spent prepping for their opening concert and in America during their 2nd World Tour MANIAC. So far the group has released exclusive behind-the-scenes content from their tour dates in New York and Chicago!

Stray Kids during their Chicago concert. | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

In the New York vlog, Stray Kids teased clips for the next which included quick sneaks at what appeared to be the group in the gym. Quite naturally, fans noticed and began preparing themselves for what was sure to be a gym vlog.

When the newest vlog was released, fans were not disappointed. Following some cute footage of the group on their private plane, Stray Kids went straight into the gym content. The group had their security working as a personal trainer for their session and got quite the workout!

Changbin seemed to have a separate exercise plan going on, probably geared towards bulking up more

…while Bang Chan, Lee Know, and Hyunjin worked just as hard with the trainer directly leading them.

Several times throughout the video you can hear the group groaning from how strenuous the workout is and in particular, Hyunjin (who recently started going to the gym more often) seems to be the most exhausted and 100 percent relatable.

Fans previously went crazy for the boxing videos Bang Chan released and have now been treated to Lee Know working on his boxing as well. The trainer instructs Lee Know on certain hits, but based on his form and technique it seems like he has been working on his boxing for a while now!

This portion of the vlog finishes with Changbin completing his workout and checking himself out in a mirror. He tells another security guard in the gym that he wants to make his arms even bigger!

Fans have been relatably responding to this content exactly as they were expected to.

Check out the full video here:

Stray Kids

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