Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Leaves STAYs Shook After Showing Off His Boxing Skills In Recent TikTok Update

It was a sexy, yet unexpectedly wholesome moment.

Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan left fans absolutely shook after a TikTok update gave a glimpse of him boxing while showing off his muscles.

Bang Chan

Bang Chan may be the most caring leader, but STAYs will also always know him as one of the K-Pop idols with the most impressive physiques.

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In fact, he’s so well-built that this year he was even mistaken for a member of Stray Kids’ security team at the airport! While his members were surrounded by fans and paparazzi, Bang Chan was spotted trailing behind everyone completely ignored by them.

As one of the most athletic idols, he is easily one of the most highly anticipated participants in this year’s Idol Star Athletic Championship.

Therefore, it’s perhaps not surprising that Bang Chan is also a fan of boxing. On July 28, the members of Stray Kids each uploaded a little compilation of moments from their everyday lives to TikTok in honor of ‘STAY week.’ Bang Chan’s easily caught everyone’s attention when it revealed a video of him boxing with one of the group’s security guards in the US.

STAYs were left hilariously shook after seeing the clip.

Some pointed out that, while Bang Chan clearly has some skills (and an admirable commitment to his own health)…

…the clip makes it a little hard to focus on that.

Yet, one particularly great detail about the clip is that it proves he truly has a wholesome friendship with the security guard in the video, whom he was seen sharing a cute interaction with at LA airport this year.

So much so that they seemed to have spent plenty of their free time together!

Watch the full clip from Bang Chan’s Moment For STAY on the link below!

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