Stray Kids’ Han Accidentally Hit Hyunjin With A Mic, And Their Reactions Were Priceless

Hyunjin took the cake for his funny reaction.

Stray KidsHan and Hyunjin proved how much of a comedic duo they are with a funny mishap on stage.

Hyunjin and Han. | @realstraykids/Instagram

For a performance of “Blueprint”, Han wrapped an arm around Hyunjin. Because of how enthusiastically they were dancing, Han’s microphone accidentally hit Hyunjin square in the face.

Since the next line was his, Han immediately switched his microphone to his other hand so he could sing. That didn’t stop him from sweetly holding onto Hyunjin’s head. While Han’s actions were caring, Hyunjin reacted with the funniest facial expression.

Fortunately, Hyunjin didn’t seem to be seriously hurt by the mishap. After making those funny faces, Hyunjin cracked a smile as he laughed about it and moved away.

No matter where they are, Han and Hyunjin are the funniest yet sweetest besties.

Source: Twitter

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