Stray Kids’ Han Couldn’t Wait To Take Changbin’s Confidence Down A Couple Notches

Changbin was ready to throw hands.

Since Stray KidsHan and Changbin are both multi-talented, they’ve always been competitive since before they debuted together.


As close friends, they have no problem poking fun at each other when it’s the funniest.

When Bang Chan played a track he made for Changbin featuring Seungmin‘s vocals, he couldn’t hold back how proud he was of how well it turned out.

Every time I listen to this, it gives me goosebumps.

Bang Chan just couldn’t stop gushing over how good it was to listen to. Changbin was just as happy with it, mentioning how Bang Chan had made the perfect song to suit him.

You made a good track for me.

That’s when Bang Chan shared a rumor he’d heard about their company’s staff. When they’d listened to the song, they couldn’t hold back their tears. Han hadn’t said anything about the song until then.

All the JYP staff listened to this and they showed tears. I heard this rumor.

He stepped right in to crush Changbin’s happiness. He pointed out that it was just that: merely a rumor. The attack was so unexpected and fitting that they all cracked up. Changbin even yelled, “Come on!” as he pointed a finger at him.

You know… Actually, that was just a rumor.

If anyone knows how to get under Changbin’s skin in the funniest way, it’s Han. See the hilarious moment here.

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