Stray Kids’ Han Defending His “Wife” Hyunjin Will Make You Fall For Him

Even Hyunjin was moved by his words.

On the third episode of Stray KidsThe 9th, they pretended to be a family with Han being the dad, Hyunjin being the wife, and Changbin being the son.


As the dad, Han didn’t disappoint, especially when it came to defending his wife.

Playing his role as an unruly son well, Changbin began to imply something negative about his “mom” Hyunjin when Han instantly stepped in: “Don’t be mean to my baby.”

He then put a hand on Changbin’s shoulder and said, “She’s my woman before she’s your mother.” The words were so sweet and clever that the rest of the group couldn’t hide their awe.

Hyunjin found the line was so smooth that he jumped and shouted, “Honey.” Han shouted, “Baby,” as he stood to accept the hug of his “wife.”

Not only did Han protect his wife, but he knew the perfect words to do it. Watch Han stick up for Hyunjin and prepare to fall victim to his charms.

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