Stray Kids’ Han Was Fully On Guard When Lee Know Tripped

The last thing Han wanted was another injury for Lee Know.

Less then two months ago, Stray KidsLee Know suffered from an ankle injury ahead of the Asian Artists Awards and suffered from the same injury a year before in 2018.


Since Han witnessed both incidents, and is taking breaks from their schedules to recover his own health, he knew to be on guard during their Meet & Greet with Mwave.

During the game they were playing, it was Lee Know’s turn. He got up from his seat and picked up the over-sized die, or dice, to roll it and keep the game going. Even though his seat was close to the table where he’d picked it up, he encountered an accident on his way back.

While standing right in front of his seat, one misstep had Lee Know losing his balance. Although the moment happened quick, there was someone who was just as quick to keep him standing upright and unharmed.

With a hand on Lee Know’s waist, Han was there to be his guardian angel when he needed one. He was so careful that he’d moved his own feet out of the way to prevent another obstacle for Lee Know to trip over, or become entangled with. I.N even reached out a hand, just in case it was needed as well.

As soon as Lee Know regained his balance and stood up, the first thing he did was reassure fans, “I’m fine.” The rest of them weren’t so sure and still kept their eyes on him, especially Han. He wouldn’t look away until he was certain Lee Know was fine.


Han and Lee Know are so close even their members poke fun at their friendship. Seeing Han’s quick reaction further proved their bond. Watch Han readily step into the role of Lee Know’s guardian angel here.

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