Stray Kids’ Han Handled This Issue So Smoothly That It Was Easily Missed

Professional is Han’s middle name.

Stray KidsHyunjin wasn’t the only member who had an issue with his accessories during their “Side Effects” performance.


Han encountered his own and handled it just as smoothly.

When he was rapping his lines, he noticed something was amiss when he shook his hand. One of the bracelets he wore was looser than the other one, making him glance down briefly.

One of the parts of choreography required him to rapidly move his hands around, which made the bracelet ready to slip off. And, he could be seen quickly glancing at it once more to make sure it was still there.

But, Han managed to keep the bracelet in place so smoothly that many STAYs hadn’t even noticed it. And, he slayed the performance with not only his professionalism but his stage presence until the very end, just like Hyunjin had.

Han has shown that he can handle just about any situation on stage. Watch him in action here.

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