Stray Kids’ Han’s Quick Thinking During Microphone Issues Will Impress You

He knew exactly what to do to save the day.

Stray Kids aren’t strangers to experiencing technical difficulties during performances, especially Lee Know. So, it didn’t come as a surprise to Han while performing their song “Mirror”.

Less than half a minute into the song, Han had stepped to the side along with I.N and Hyunjin, already halfway into the next dance move. That’s when he noticed that Seungmin‘s microphone hadn’t been working properly, so his voice couldn’t be heard.

Pulling his left arm inward, which was holding his own microphone, he sang Seungmin’s lines while still performing all the dance moves. And, he didn’t do it only once.

After his rap part in the second half of the song, he moved to the side once more. This time, Seungmin’s microphone was working but it was very low. So, Han added backing vocals with the help of Lee Know.


It’s easy to lose focus in situations like this, but Han was there to step up and help. See him have Seungmin’s back here.

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