Stray Kids’ Han Surprises His Members With Who He Thinks Best Fits The Concept For “MANIAC”

He didn’t name one of the members…

Stray Kids‘ latest album ODDINARY has been met with immense love from fans. The album itself is breaking records. While the title track, “MANIAC,” has been met with lots of admiration for the members’ incredible vocals and dance.

As of now, the Studio Choom dance video for “MANIAC” has almost eight million views.

Recently, Studio Choom released a behind-the-scenes video of Stray Kids filming the impressive dance video. Which included showing off their hard work…



… Along with the members’ goofing around…


… Keeping their spirits up in between takes…


… And answering some questions.

Like how Han worked on the lyrics for “MANIAC.”

“Anyway, I worked with 3RACHA brothers” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube 

And which member they believe fits the “MANIAC” concept best.

To which, Changbin answered Lee Know.

“I picked Lee Know” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube 

Saying that “the way Lee know appeals himself in this “MANIAC” [is] very natural and cool.”

“Because the way Lee Know appeals himself in this MANIAC. It’s very natural and cool.” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube 

And Felix picked Hyunjin.

“I picked Hyunjin.” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube 

Saying his “red colored hair is [a] very new image of him.”

“I think red colored hair is very new image of him.” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube 

But Han had an answer that not only surprised his members but even the Studio Choom staff. When pointing to the member he believed best fit the concept, Han pointed to the camera.


He explained that he was pointing to STAY, who would be watching the video.

“I guess STAY will be watching this.” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube 

And since he believes that “STAY is also one of Stray Kids’ members…”

“STAY is also one of Stray Kids members so,” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube 

They were also being “MANIAC” alongside Stray Kids.

“Just like us, being MANIAC, I guess you guys are the most MANIAC people.” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube 

His members were impressed by his answer even if, in the end, Han was embarrassed by his unexpected comment.


You can watch the Studio Choom dance video for “MANIAC” here.

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