Stray Kids’ Han Was The Only Member To Remember The Lyrics Of “God’s Menu” 

In a surprise turn events, only Han remembered!

Any time Stray Kids are asked which member is the most likely to forget their lyrics the answer is always Han.

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He’s been roasted about it on multiple occasions by his members and has even hilariously admitted to it too!

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Bang Chan: There are times, especially on stage, he forgets his lyrics.

Han: Not sometimes, all the time.

While Han has become well-known for forgetting lyrics, in a surprise turn of events, during a song association session with Elle he was the only member to remember one section of lyrics from “God’s Menu”!

In one round of the game, Stray Kids was tasked with picking a song associated with the word “taste.” Not wasting one second, Han immediately busted out his rap from “God’s Menu” which just so happens to contain the given word.

No sooner had he belted out the line, however, he was met with confusion from his members. Bang Chan was so puzzled by Han’s answer that he even asked if “taste” was really in the lyrics!

After letting his members know that, yes, the lyrics really do contain the given word, Han once again demonstrated the part in question as Stray Kids cheered him on!

Stays, meanwhile, couldn’t believe the surprise twist of events!

Check out the full moment Han came out swinging hard with his lyrics below:

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