Stray Kids’ Han Reveals His First Impressions Of Hyunjin And Lee Know

“I thought he was so good-looking.”

During his latest live broadcast, Stray KidsHan shared memories from his time as a trainee. In the process, he treated fans by spilling the beans about his first impressions of his members. There were two he remembered most: Hyunjin and Lee Know.

Before he even began, he knew they would be amusing memories to share, “It’s going to be fun.”

He kicked it off with his first thoughts upon seeing Lee Know. Han instantly thought he would be a vocalist based on what he’d chosen to wear that day. Rather than the laid-back outfit a dancer would typically wear, Lee Know “wore a shirt and slacks.”

From Han’s perspective, “He looked so neat and tidy.” After seeing Lee Know dance for the first time, that changed everything.

He’d been blown away by how talented Lee Know was in dancing. He imitated how he’d reacted, smiling and throwing up a thumbs up. These weren’t the only things that struck him about Lee Know.

Han nonchalantly said, “Lee Know was so handsome back then.” Using his hands to emphasize his points, he shouted, “Eyes! Nose! Mouth! He has sharp and defined features. I thought he was so good-looking.” His first impression of Hyunjin had been on the opposite side of the spectrum.

While Lee Know had been handsome and mature, Hyunjin looked youthful, “When he joined our team, he was like a baby.” To prove his point, he remembered how plump Hyunjin’s cheeks had been.

Like Lee Know, Han recalled what Hyunjin had been wearing and how his hair was styled. “He had a bang and wore a coat.” Even though they didn’t get along too well during those early times, Hyunjin was “fluffy” and “cute” to him.

Check out Han spilling the tea about what he’d first noticed about the two here, beginning at 3:09.

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