Stray Kids’ Han Reveals The Time He Fell Victim To The “Celebrity Disease”

“It was a pure crazy act.”

Stray KidsBang Chan and Han were the first duo paired up for the newest season of Two Kids Room. While they were having fun together like they always do, it sparked an embarrassing memory of a past monthly evaluation for 3RACHA.


After they’d finished rapping and stood together, they were supposed to be done. Han had other plans.

He’d caught the “celebrity disease” after seeing something that made him think his status was higher than it was, even though he was only a trainee at the time.

I’m the best. I’m a singer. I debuted already.

As a result of those thoughts, he’d brought his phone on stage for the evaluation and put it in his pocket.

After the performance concluded, in front of all the trainees, Han pulled out that phone and held it up for the most embarrassing moment.

He opened the camera, switched to selfie mode, and snapped a photo like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. He then finished it with a gesture as he said, “Okay.”

The moment hadn’t merely been embarrassing for Han; he’d gotten into big trouble because of it. At the time, Bang Chan said he and Changbin had been very confused by it.

At that moment, Changbin and I were like, “What’s going on?”

Everyone has a moment where they’re feeling a bit more confident than they should. This was Han’s. Fortunately, he couldn’t remember what had gotten into him and learned from it. Listen to Han reflect on his embarrassing actions that they’re still amused by at 6:41.

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