Stray Kids’ Han And SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Is The New Friendship Everyone Needs

A lot of people didn’t have a clue.

Although concerts are beloved for their amazing performances, they also reveal some of the most unexpected friendships between idols, like SEVENTEEN‘s Dino and SF9. The one recently taking fans by surprise is Woozi and Stray KidsHan.

Han | @realstraykids/Instagram

Thanks to resurfaced photos from 2019’s KCON, with a star-studded lineup including both SEVENTEEN and Stray Kids, Woozi and Han were captured side by side.

Woozi and Han.

Since the two had never been seen interacting before, it immediately gained interest from how comfortable they seemed with one another.

Although the idols are four years apart in age, it makes sense Han and Woozi would form a bond, especially as members who participate in making their groups’ music.

Still, it didn’t stop thousands of fans from being amazed at the resurfaced photos and celebrating their friendship.

From Somi to Han, it looks like Woozi has way more idol friends than meets the eye. Maybe fans will see more from Woozi and Han in the future.

| @pledis_17/Twitter