Stray Kids’ Han’s Solution To Lee Know’s Sleep Talking Didn’t Work Out Like He’d Thought

Han had the right idea…

Stray KidsBang Chan mentioned being embarrassed about his sleeping habits in an episode of Two Kids Room. Han told him not to be because there were members who did far more embarrassing things.


To name one, he brought up Lee Know‘s habit of talking in his sleep and how it happens every time they share a room.

It gave Han a unique idea that only he could come up with. Whenever Lee Know talks in his sleep, Han talks back to him. The most impressive part is how Lee Know responds.

So, if I start talking with him, the conversation gets weird.

He responds to Han as if he’s awake, answering his questions and continuing on the conversation. The trick is that Lee Know’s responses stop making sense the more Han speaks with him.

And if Han lets it go on for too long, Lee Know can keep going and going. Bang Chan and Han even made a gesture of how the conversation is never-ending.

Han’s idea of talking to Lee Know in his sleep was clever, especially since that wouldn’t usually be someone’s first thought. Lee Know’s energy is just too much for him, even in his sleep.

Listen to Han discuss how he handled Lee Know’s sleeping talking at 8:50.

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