Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Turned 21 And No One Can Stop His Sexy Anymore

“I’m 21, you know.”

Thanks to the mysterious wonder that is the “Korean age“, Stray KidsHyunjin is considered 21 years old as of the dawn of 2020. And at a recent fan meeting, Stray Kids’ fans found Hyunjin celebrating his coming-of-age in the most risqué way ever!


Hyunjin was spotted wearing a velvety pink shirt that had a (relatively) low v-neck cut.


The promiscuous shirt, combined with some steamy choker selections, made him dangerously sexy.


When a fan pointed out his outfit, he proudly claimed that it is because he is 21 and so now officially unstoppable.

Fan: Your shirt is so low cut!
Hyunjin: Yeah, a bit. Because I’m 21, you know.
Fan: Oh what a big boy.
Hyunjin: Yeah, I hope you can understand.


Stray Kids’ fans are in love with Hyunjin’s cheeky response to how steamy he looked…


… and how, eventually, the baby-Hyunjin soul returned and he no longer felt so naughty!

Source: THEQOO

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