Stray Kids Hyunjin’s Dance Was So Sexy Bang Chan Ran To Protect Maknae I.N

Hyunjin’s dancing has that effect on people 🤣

Stray KidsHyunjin is known for his prince-like visuals but completely transforms when he’s dancing. With his fluid body waves and charismatic gaze, he can be so sexy that even their maknae can’t handle it.

During their world tour UNVEIL TOUR “I am…”, Hyunjin treated fans to his “sexy version” of their hit “My Pace”. He didn’t waste any time showing off his body waves that had the audience screaming. They weren’t the only ones losing their minds.

Out of nowhere, leader Bang Chan hilariously dashed across the stage toward maknae I.N.

He’d went to cover I.N’s eyes and shield him from seeing too much of Hyunjin’s sexy dancing. By then, he’d been just a little too late.

When another member told everyone to join in, I.N immediately copied the body waves. Bang Chan then jokingly tapped I.N to make him stop.

The moment was made even more hilarious by I.N’s past comments. He once admitted that Hyunjin’s dancing could be too much to handle because it could get “beyond sexy.

Check out the hilarious scene of the leader protecting the maknae, along with Hyunjin’s spicy dancing.

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