The Way Stray Kids’ Changbin And Hyunjin Answered The Same Question Highlights Their Different Values

Hyunjin was particularly passionate about the topic.

Stray KidsHyunjin and Changbin recently showcased their individual personalities and values by their very different answers to just one question.

Stray KIds’ Hyunjin (left) and Changbin (right) | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids were recently asked to respond to the following question: “If your best friend asks you if he/she can copy your homework, how would you react?”

Changbin answered that it wouldn’t matter to him, and Felix said it was fine if the homework was simple. Though in true Seungmin fashion, the comedic younger member was quick to tease Changbin he wouldn’t have done his homework anyway…

While it was all in good fun, Hyunjin was less than pleased by the hypothetical question when it applied to him.

Instead, Hyunjin said that if a friend asks to copy his homework, that person might not consider him a true friend. By his standards, it meant that the friend must have no respect for him.

If I didn’t do my homework, I wouldn’t want to copy my friend’s homework. So if my friend’s mind is like that, I would be so sad that he/she may not consider me as a true friend. It really makes me upset that he/she has no respect for me.

— Hyunjin

Hyunjin later added, He/she needs to get his/her act together.” And clarified that there might be times where the friend has a valid reason, but still… it wasn’t an ideal sitution.

Changbin, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind since that friend is asking honestly rather than secretly copying. Though Hyunjin had Changbin second guessing his answer when he countered, “What if that friend goes like, ‘ Changbin, can you give me your 16 bar verse?'”

That scenario, Changbin stated, was different because it was related to money, which was where he drew the line.

Because of copyrights associated with writing music, it was a different matter altogether!

Changbin later said that he learned to be sensitive about matters related to money from his parents, even when it involves close friends.

Though they each answered differently, both Hyunjin and Changbin had valid reasons for deciding whether they would let a friend copy their homework. Hyunjin seems to value integrity and work ethic, while Changbin appears to care more about the honesty it would take the friend to ask in the first place. Though when it comes to money, he knows where to set boundaries.

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