Stray Kids’s Hyunjin Once Thought He Was Using A Filter, Only To Realize He Wasn’t

Goals 😩

You know you’re good looking when you make a mistake like this!

During a past live broadcast, Stray Kids‘s Hyunjin thought he was using a filter and decided to turn it off, saying “Should I remove the filter?

He attempted to press the off button over and over again…

…only to realize he wasn’t actually using a filter!

Oh, there is no filter.

— Hyunjin

After realizing his mistake, he smiled slightly and fixed his hair, pulling it away from his face.

He then said it was “embarrassing”—but really, there wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about!

If there was ever any doubt on anyone’s mind, this is irrefutable proof that Hyunjin is a natural beauty.

He boasts such delicate and angelic visuals that it’s hard to believe he’s real!

He’s definitely on a league of his own!

Source: Twitter

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