Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Leaves Fans Shook Just By Tying His Hair Back

The man he is today!

Stray Kids Hyunjin is rapidly gaining attention for a clip from his latest online broadcast.

While talking with fans, he showed off his newly dyed hair, switching from his iconic blonde to dark brown.

A simple video of him tying his hair into a ponytail achieved over 500K+ views on Twitter and 200K+ on Weibo mere hours after it was posted.

Both fans and non-fans are captivated by his stunning beauty.

  • “Wow, you’re so handsome and pretty”
  • “I don’t like male idols with long hair but it suits Hyunjin and is unique”
  • “I’m a woman and I want to look like that…”
  • “The prettiest long-haired male idol I’ve ever seen.”
| Online broadcast
| Online broadcast

Even if you’re not a fan of long hair, most agree that the look suits Hyunjin flawlessly.

Even the way he adjusts his hair is captivating viewers.


Check out how he achieves his perfect updo below!

Hyunjin knows how to make anyone fall for him!

Source: TheQoo

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