Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Is A Living Meme With His Take On “Salt Bae”

Just another day in the life of Hyunjin.

Dingo gave Stray Kids ingredients to prepare their own meal, and they had just as much fun cooking as they did eating.


Hyunjin was one of the members chosen to cook the meat, and he took his job very seriously, placing the meat on the grill just right. Then, he reached for the salt.

That’s when he became a meme. Instead of just shaking the salt onto the meat like a normal person, he channeled “Salt Bae” by bending his arm and doing it exaggeratedly.

Bang Chan questioned what he was doing, but Hyunjin had the technique down and seasoned the meat with just the right amount.

Watch Hyunjin being Hyunjin here. And, if you need a refresher on “Salt Bae,” see the original meme.


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