Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Reminds Us How Hard It Is Learning Another Language And Why Mistakes Are Okay

Sometimes the effort matters more than the result.

On an episode of Two Kids Room, Stray KidsFelix shared how stressed he felt by speaking Korean at times because he felt like people were automatically searching for his mistakes.

But, Hyunjin told him there was no reason for him to stress about it. They found his mistakes cute and were impressed that he’d undertaken the effort to begin with.

Hyunjin gave an example of Felix calling the Stray Kids members cute whenever they spoke English, so he said it was exactly the same situation whenever Felix spoke Korean.

His advice was so spot on that STAYs were impressed with how he addressed the issue and how he made Felix feel more comfortable expressing himself.

Hyunjin reminds us that doing something, although not perfectly, is better than never doing anything and never learning from mistakes. Watch the episode starting at 5:02 to witness Felix and Hyunjin’s important conversation.

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