Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Shows Off His Artistic Ability By Using An Unexpected Paint For His Artwork

He is so talented in so many different ways!

One thing Stray KidsHyunjin is known for is his amazing artistic ability. A talented musician and dancer, Hyunjin also excels at drawing and painting and has impressed over the years with several pieces of art.

In one instance, he shared his process of creating a painting with STAYs and attracted the attention of Hugh Jackman who couldn’t help but praise him as well!

This time Hyunjin has attracted attention for using something unexpected to paint with while on tour.

Stray Kids have been sharing behind-the-scenes clips in season 3 of their SKZ-TALKER vlogs with episodes detailing the time spent prepping for their opening concert and in America during their 2nd World Tour MANIAC. Each member has gotten the chance to show a little bit of their life while not on stage including new footage of the members in the gym!

Hyunjin started his vlog by sharing some cute clips of himself in bed, eating, and just generally relaxing. He took his job as a vlogger seriously, changing the angles and lighting three times to find the best view.

Hyunjin drank a bit of coffee before settling down to draw. While he did his outlining in pencil, fans were surprised to see him use some instant coffee grounds mixed with a bit of water as the paint for his drawing!

Fans have praised Hyunjin for his skills and acknowledged his impressive ability, as well as the fact that he is always trying new things.

Check out the full vlog below!

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