Here’s Stray Kids Hyunjin’s Yellow-est Airport Fashion… And What It Means To His Fans

He knows how to keep STAYs happy.

On January 26, 2020, Stray Kids were spotted at the Incheon International Airport on their way to New York, to kick off their “District 9: Unlock” world tour.


As for Hyunjin‘s airport fashion, he sported a bright yellow knitted sweater:


And STAYs are UWUing hard at this early spring kind of visual…


… not only because he looks super cute, but also because he most likely wore it as an effort to keep his promise with a fan.


Back in December 2019, at one of Stray Kids’ fan meetings, Hyunjin (kind of) made a promise with one of the STAYs who attended. This fan shared, later in a personal fan meeting review, that he/she asked Hyunjin to re-create this baby chick look from the Europe pictures.


And while at the time, Hyunjin playfully responded to the fan’s request…

191228 Stray Kids Fan Meeting Review #Hyunjin
Fan: Can you please wear something yellow when you leave for the US?
Hyunjin: Why yellow? Do you like yellow outfits?
Fan: Because you looked so good in yellow in your pictures from Europe.
Hyunjin: Oh, that yellow shirt is the only yellow thing I own though…
Fan: You can buy something new!
Hyunjin: I could, but I wouldn’t have any money left (cracks up).


… STAYs are convinced this is actually Hyunjin trying to keep his fans happy!


Did it work? Most definitely. STAYs are in love with yellow-Hyunjin!

Source: THEQOO

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