I.N Or Jeongin? Stray Kids’ I.N Reveals Which Name He Prefers Going By More

He’s often called by both his stage name and real name.

Like many idols, Stray KidsI.N goes by a stage name as opposed to his real name. But surprisingly, he often gets called by his real name Jeongin by certain people, like most Stay. So to settle the case once and for all, Stay directly asked his name preference during his recent live broadcast.

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He admits that he’s used to being called I.N by everyone, and finds it odd when his members call him Jeongin out of the blue.

But, he also admits that he finds it weird when his friends call him I.N, and not Jeongin. And it gets even more complicated when it comes to his family, as they have their own nicknames for him like “In” and “Jeongin-ee”.

At the end of the day, I.N shared that he doesn’t mind either name, as both are used consistently by different people in his life, and he’s used to hearing both!

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