Stray Kids’ I.N Predicted His Idol Debut 6 Years Ago, Long Before He Was A Trainee

Fortune teller I.N has entered the chat.

In a recent episode of Stray KidsTwo Kids Room, Felix got his wish of wanting to spend some quality time talking one on one with maknae I.N. Since I.N was feeling comfortable, he asked Felix if he dreams often.


That’s when I.N decided to reveal a dream he’d had six years ago. At the time, he wasn’t interested in singing or dancing, which made the dream even more strange.

He found himself in an unknown place, singing and dancing. It made him think to himself, “Where am I, and why am I dancing?”

He didn’t think much of the dream at the time and brushed it off. At least, until three years later.

I was like ‘What kind of dream is this?’ and went on with my life.

The same scene he’d dreamed of played out in real life. It turned out to be I.N’s audition for JYP Entertainment.

It’s the same scene. The dream was about getting into JYP and learning dancing. So, that was just really amazing to me.

Everyone has had a moment where you’ve felt like you’ve done something before. In I.N’s case, he foresaw himself auditioning and starting his journey to becoming an idol, even when he’d had no thoughts about it. Listen to his retelling of the literal dream come true, starting at 7:30.

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