Stray Kids’ I.N Reveals The Member He Thought Was The Scariest

He soon learned they weren’t scary at all—at least normally.

Although first impressions can provide a sense of someone’s personality, they’re often misleading. Stray Kids‘ maknae I.N experienced that when meeting one particular member for the first time.

When fans asked him to choose a member that changed the most from his first impression of them, there was only one member on his mind. He began to describe how he’d viewed them, “When I first met [him], he was charismatic.”

While being outgoing and confident are usually positive traits, they can come off as a bit intimidating to others. I.N confessed, “I was a bit scared before we got close.”

The member that he found to be scary wasn’t someone completely unexpected. It had been Changbin, who’s mentioned how people tend to have that impression of him when first meeting. That’s far from what he’s truly like, though.

I.N soon found out how soft and amusing Changbin was, “Later, it turned out he was very nice and funny.”

In fact, the two of them got along better than he’d expected them to. Thinking back on it, I.N pointed out how quickly they bonded with one another, “I think we got close very fast.”

Even though Changbin can indeed be the scariest when he’s angry, that’s a rare occurrence. Most of the time, he’s the caring and goofy Changbin that STAYs and I.N love.

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It’s true when people say not to judge a book by its cover. You’ll never know when everything you thought was untrue all along. See I.N recall how Changbin shattered his misconception about him, beginning at 2:12.

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