The Real Reason Stray Kids’ I.N Stopped Working Out

It was a difficult decision to make.

Stray KidsI.N started exercising seriously to improve his dancing, wanting his movements to look more powerful before their “God’s Menu” comeback.

I.N during “God’s Menu”

And, of course, his members were able to help him since many of them are gym enthusiasts.

But in a recent Stray Kids’ “2 Kids Room” episode featuring Seungmin and I.N, the maknae revealed that he doesn’t prioritize working out anymore, to focus on vocal lessons.

Seungmin and I.N, the two members of “Vocal Racha” (Stray Kids’ vocal sub-unit), have been going to the same vocal instructor for almost a year, working diligently to improve their skills.

Seungmin: Since it’s almost June, in about two months it’ll be a year.

I.N: A year with our new vocal teacher. That’s incredible!

I.N | Stray Kids/YouTubeΒ 

Seungmin shares that he’s incredibly grateful that I.N goes with him to vocal lessons now, since he felt lonely before.

Seungmin: When I went back and forth from there alone, I got really lonely and a lot of things happened. I had a lot of thoughts then. But now that we go together, going there is really fun.

Seungmin | Stray Kids/YouTubeΒ 

And while I.N decided to start to take vocal lessons with Seungmin to improve his skills, it wasn’t an easy decision to make since he had to sacrifice his time for working out. But, ultimately, it was a worthwhile choice for I.N to improve his confidence in his singing abilities.

I.N: STAY wouldn’t know, or wouldn’t have known, but the reason I stopped working out is because of singing. People might think, “Why is he going overboard when he’s not even that good?” But it’s because I want to be really good at it.

| Stray Kids/YouTubeΒ 

And Seungmin agrees that it’s almost impossible to actively work out and receive vocal training.

I.N: The toughest part while receiving lessons from there was when I thought I could start working out again. But soon after I started working out again, I went to my lesson and everything was reset. That was really tough.

Seungmin: I was watching you from the side then. “That’s what happens…”

I.N: I really wanted to work out.

Seungmin: It’s the opposite of flexing.

| Stray Kids/YouTubeΒ 

Hopefully, I.N will be able to eventually find a balance that works for him.

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