Stray Kids Keeps Stealing NCT Doyoung’s Heart, This Time With Their Archery Skills

Even Doyoung can’t choose a bias.

The Idol Star Athletics Championship gained Stray Kids Bang Chan a new fan in NCT‘s Doyoung, but it seems that Doyoung can’t help but be swayed by the other members’ talents.

When it was Felix‘s turn to show off his archery skills, he managed to get a bulls-eye, scoring a full ten points for his team. Hyunjin and Lee Know jumped up in excitement, while Doyoung clapped in amazement with his mouth wide open.

After Hyunjin and Lee Know both turned around to NCT, who’d been seated behind them, Doyoung gave them both high-fives to celebrate their team’s success and Felix’s impressive skill.

And, Doyoung showed the same amazement when it was Hyunjin’s turn to show off his skills. A fan snapped the perfect photo of Doyoung’s mouth hanging open as he looked on.


Doyoung isn’t easily impressed, so the fact that Stray Kids keeps leaving him speechless speaks for itself. There might even be a friendship forming between the two groups. Who knows?