Stray Kids Lee Know Revealed Why Han Was The Scariest Member When They First Met

The two are inseparable now but had a funny beginning.

If someone had to pick a pair of Stray Kids members that give off best friend vibes, Lee Know and Han would be among the first friendships chosen.

Since the two stick together like glue, it would be difficult to see them as anything but friends. Funnily enough, Lee Know revealed on a radio show that Han had been the scariest member when they’d first met.

On SBS‘s Young Street back in 2018, the host asked Lee Know which member had the “scariest first impression.” Making them all burst into chuckles, he chose Han.

Though Han’s shocked expression was hilarious all on its own—especially compared to everyone else’s huge smiles—Lee Know shared the just as hilarious reason why.

When Lee Know went to the JYP Entertainment building for his first day, it was only natural for him to greet the members. He took it upon himself to seek them out in an office on the sixth floor. Like many first meetings, it soon turned awkward.

On top of the room’s mood being an odd one, Lee Know revealed that everyone had been staring at him. There was one member who had a very different look in his eyes, though.

When I first joined the company, everyone was there. All the members were there, but each one of them was looking at me. It was really…

— Lee Know

Instead of a blank stare or one of mere interest, one of the members had been burning a hole into Lee Know with their death glare. “I went there alone to introduce myself, and there was a member who kept glaring at me.” Everyone burst into laughter once again as they turned to look at Han.

When the host asked if it was true, Han couldn’t deny it. “It was…I think I did glare at him.” After the laughter died down, he explained his side of the story.

In line with his past confession of catching the celebrity disease as a trainee, Han thought he was the most handsome at the time.

That all changed when he laid eyes on Lee Know. “When I was a trainee, I was quite full of myself. I’m sorry, but I used to think that I was the most handsome. I thought that a lot, but when I saw Lee Know…

Han was blown away by Lee Know’s visuals to the point where he felt envious. “I thought, ‘Wow, someone that handsome exists.’ When I saw him, I was very jealous.

Despite their hilariously rough start, the two became fast friends that accepted and understood each other. From how well they get along, no one would’ve thought they’d been anything but friends.

Laugh along with Stray Kids as Lee Know and Han shared the humorous memory of their first meeting.

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