Stray Kids’ Lee Know Shocked Fans By Changing The “MANIAC” Choreography… With Hyunjin’s Help

It was totally unexpected!

Stray KidsLee Know is gaining attention for his latest fancams, but it’s not just for his incredible dancing and good looks.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know | @realstraykids/Instagram

Lee Know is an extremely talented dancer. He continues to prove this fact every Stray Kids’ comeback. He keeps getting better and better.

With their promotions for their latest release “MANIAC,” Stray Kids have received attention for everything from their stellar vocals to debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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Their inventive choreography features thought-out moves that fit the concept. One move in particular has gained attention for the partner work.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

Lee Know and Hyunjin work as a pair to accomplish this piece of choreo. Hyunjin is on his knees while Lee Know puts his arms around his group member’s back.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin | @realstraykids/Instagram

This section was already a source of interest for the intense eye contact Lee Know has given Hyunjin during this moment of close contact.

However, Lee Know decided to add a spin to the original choreography during their recent stage for Music Bank. Instead of putting his hands on Hyunjin’s mid-back, he put them somewhere else…

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

Fans remembered that Lee Know had previously mentioned that he would look for the perfect timing to touch members’ butts in the choreography. It looks like he found it.

Even Hyunjin was surprised that Lee Know had gone for it so fully.

Lee Know doesn’t seem to be stopping after finding the perfect butt-grabbing opportunity. He did it again during Stray Kids’ Inkigayo performance.

| SBS KPOP/YouTube

Fans couldn’t believe it.

Even with the shenanigans, Lee Know proves he has the talent to absolutely nail the choreography. Hyunjin should also get props for barely reacting to the change in hand placement. These guys are professionals!

Source: YouTube

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