Stray Kids’ Lee Know And NCT 127 Jungwoo’s Interaction Is Too Wholesome

We need more of this, please 😍

As the new hosts of MBC‘s Music Core, NCT 127‘s Jungwoo, Stray KidsLee Know, and Kim Minju are making fun memories together and with viewers.

Kim Minju, Lee Know, and Jungwoo. | @MBCMusicCore/Twitter

One of those moments happened between Lee Know and Jungwoo and warmed fans’ hearts from their wholesomeness.

| @MBCMusicCore/Twitter

To introduce themselves to viewers, the three of them performed COOL‘s “Walk”, impressing everyone with their talent and charms. A moment before taking the stage, Lee Know and Jungwoo shared a sweet moment.

Since Kim Minju kicked off the performance alone, Jungwoo and Lee Know joined her on stage shortly after. Before they made their entrance, the two idols adorably cheered each other on with thumbs up.

Seeing the two idols support each other had fans looking forward to witnessing their friendship grow as they continue to be co-hosts.

| @MBCMusicCore/Twitter