Stray Kids’ Lee Know Is An Old Man For How Loud His Body Cracked During This ASMR Challenge

It was too much even for I.N.

Stray KidsHyunjin, I.N, and Lee Know were guests on Pikicast‘s After Mom Sleeps, where the goal of the show is to complete tasks while keeping sound to an extremely low level.

Since it’s Stray Kids we’re talking about here, they failed many times and were penalized by wearing extreme blush and funny accessories.

To try to win by completing one task, Lee Know stood up and greeted “mom” before doing so.

As soon as he started dancing, it seemed like he should’ve stretched beforehand because his back cracked so loud that it set off the sound level.

Hyunjin and I.N burst into laughter at the sudden sound and Lee Know was punished by “mom” with another funny accessory to wear around his neck.

In the end, as Hyunjin said, “Stray Kids’ main dancer,” was able to complete the dance challenge without anymore back-cracking. See the funny moment here.

Stray Kids