Stray Kids’ Lee Know And Seungmin Support Each Other In Subtle Ways Even Their Members Don’t Know About

The two jokingly bicker but…

In the most recent episode of Stray Kids‘ current YouTube series “2 Kids Room,” Lee Know and Seungmin proved that despite their constant teasing bickering…

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They actually have a very close friendship.

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Felix explains that Lee Know looks after Seungmin, just in his own unique fashion.

Sometimes when Seungmin asks Lee Know [for] a favor he’s like ‘Lee know! Can you help me with this? Can you help me with this much?’ Seungmin asks him this, and Lee Know will joke around but then he’ll do it.


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But, despite that, Hyunjin shares that he doesn’t think Lee Know is the type of person to actively monitor Seungmin’s content.

Knowing Lee Know’s personality I don’t think he’d monitor Seungmin’s shows. Seungmin went on Lee Mujin Service. Lee Know’s not the type to talk about it.


Han, Hyunjin, and Felix | Stray Kids/YouTube 

But almost as if to prove Hyunjin wrong, Lee Know brings up Seungmin’s appearance on Lee Mujin Service, albeit in a very Lee Know way where he wants Seungmin to tell the story.

I saw the show you did with Lee Mujin. And I told you that you did well, right? Yeah, tell [the camera] about this!

-Lee Know

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Seungmin is quick to oblige Lee Know, sharing that Lee Know did compliment him when the show aired.

Like [Lee Know] said, after the show was aired, I came home late after work and was removing my makeup. I was removing it when [Lee Know] came over and casually told me a compliment. ‘I saw the show. You did well.’ Then he went to his room. He was really shy about it.


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And Lee Know clarifies that it’s not that he rarely compliments Seungmin, he just does it when there is something worth complimenting.

I give out compliments when he deserves it.

-Lee Know

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And Seungmin further proves how close the two are by sharing that when Lee Know is shy or embarrassed, he has a unique tell.

There’s this slight tremble in his pupils when he’s shy about something he says.


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And Seungmin also proves that Lee Know isn’t the only one paying attention, as he mentions a time Lee Know’s dancing really impressed him.

Was it the end of last year or early this year? I saw you dance and I thought, ‘Wow, he’s improved even more.’ You did something like this. You had a solo dance, and I was watching from the back. I thought, ‘I couldn’t pull that off even if I practiced a year.’ He’s such a reliable member when we dance. From the team’s perspective, he’s really reliable. Whatever the choreography is, he puts his heart into teaching everyone.


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Although the two certainly enjoy bickering with one another, it’s clear to see how much Lee Know and Seungmin care about and rely on one another.

You can read more about their episode of “2 Kids Room” here.

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